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The best sensory experience at the newest Toronto Cannabis Dispensary | Shivaa’s Rose  Nestled in the neighborhood of Bloordale is a new downtown Toronto dispensary; Shivaa’s Rose is a one-stop shop that also offers weed delivery services in Toronto.


Shivaa's Rose is Your Neighbourhood Plug! We offer complimentary same-day pick-up on all orders! Shop Toronto's best selection of Cannabis and Cannabis Accessories today!

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A Friendly Guide to Cannabis

Cannabis Flower is harvested and dried to be safely consumed with a variety of accessories. Cannabis Flower Concentrates are highly potent solid or liquified forms of cannabis created by separating the terpenes and active ingredients from the flower.​

Buy Dried Flowers Online | Shivaa's Rose Shop for dried flowers online at Shivaa's Rose, a premier dispensary in downtown Toronto. We have the finest selection of premium quality dried flowers and concentrates available. Call us today!

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Best Toronto Cannabis Dispensary Pre-Milled Blend | Shivaa's Rose If you're looking for THC pre-milled blend, then our Toronto cannabis dispensary is perfect for you. Shivaa's Rose offers a wide variety of weed that are guaranteed to satisfy your needs!


Ready to Roll

Toronto Dispensary Pre-rolled | Shivaa's Rose Our weed dispensary Toronto is a leading medical marijuana dispensary in Toronto. We stock a wide variety of high-quality cannabis products including edibles, concentrates, and pre-rolls. Order online today!


Prepared to Light

Best Weed Dispensary in Toronto, Ontario | Shivaa's Rose Looking for the best weed dispensary in Toronto? Look no further than Shivaa's Rose! We offer a wide variety of edibles and beverages at affordable prices. Call us today at 416 619-7673.

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Dispensary Toronto Concentrates | Shivaa's Rose Shivaa's rose is a dispensary in Toronto that sells premium quality cannabis concentrates. We are the best place for you to get your medical marijuana concentrate needs. Call us at 416 619-7673!


High THC Cannabis Derivatives

Vape Store in Toronto, Ontario | Shivaa's Rose If you are looking for a vape store in Toronto, look no further than Shivaa's Rose. We have the best selection of e-juices and vaping supplies at affordable prices. Call us today at 416 619-7673!


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Shivaa's Rose Bloordale

457 Saint Clarens Ave
Toronto Ontario
M6H 1N6 Canada

416 619-7673

Open Daily from 9 AM - 11 PM

Toronto's Cannabis Garden | Shivaa's Rose Toronto's Cannabis Garden is an oasis for those looking to get away from the hustle and bustle of city life. Please verify your age before you are given access to explore the wonderful world of Cannabis.


Are you looking to expand your Cannabis knowledge or find the right product for you? Our team is here and ready to help! Whether you're new to the Cannabis world or an expert looking for the latest releases, we are just one message away!

Shivaa's Rose: Toronto's Favourite Cannabis Source | Weed Dispensary Toronto  Want your weed and accessories needs to be delivered in 1 hour or less? Our Bloordale location offers complimentary delivery service on all orders over $35 + HST. Visit our webs

Toronto's Favourite Cannabis Source

Need your weed products and accessories on the fly?

Dispensary in Toronto | Shivaa's Rose Shivaa’s Rose is a Toronto dispensary located at 457 Saint Clarens Ave. We offer quality cannabis products and accessories at affordable prices. Visit our website to learn more!


Discover our stunning flagship dispensary in Toronto, located in the heart of Bloordale. We are featuring an authentic sensory experience, alongside our hand-selected selection of products, chosen by our team of Cannabis enthusiasts and experts.

Premier Toronto Vape Shop | Shivaa’s Rose Shivaa's Rose is a Toronto-based company that specializes in CBD products and accessories, offering you the latest vapor pens to make your experience as great as possible.

All About Vape!

Weed vapes ( vaporizers) are one of the easiest ways to consume your Cannabis. We've created a guide so that you can learn the ins and outs of vaping!

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Get HIGHdrated at our Downtown Toronto Dispensary! | Shivaa’s Rose Looking for new ways to enjoy your favorite CBD-infused beverages? Our carefully curated selection of THC, CBD, and CBN infuse drinks are perfect!

Quench Your Thirst!

Our carefully curated selection of Cannabis infused beverages are a delicious way to refresh! We have an excellent array of THC, CBD, and CBN drinks!

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Toronto is home to some of the world's best cannabis dispensaries. However, not every Toronto dispensary carries the same products, has consistency in speed and service, or has the same prices. There are many dispensaries and services across the city, but not all are built the same way. Some do not care about the customer nearly as much as we do. We spend a substantial amount of time listening to feedback, researching products entering the market, and looking only to sell products to our customers that we trust and believe in. When it comes to weed, you want to have the best product and a fair price. You want to get them delivered quickly, and it's essential that you have a business you can rely on and trust.
Shivaa's Rose focuses on our customers' wants and needs first and foremost. We remain vigilant and adaptive to the ever-changing landscape, ensuring we are getting the newest products, as well as the best ones. We only sell products that we can get behind. As a local cannabis dispensary in Toronto, we are focused on the community first. We invest back in our community through social initiatives, community events, giveaways, contests, and more! When you enter our store, you are greeted by our friendly team of budtenders. The Shivaa's Rose team is very transparent on product quality, provides recommendations, and is receptive to our customer feedback. Through the voices of our community, we look to build and refine our store every month. We have one of the highest rates of returning customers for a dispensary in Canada because of the time, care, and effort that goes into ensuring every purchase experience is up to our collective standard.
We always invite our customers to give us feedback on products they've tried. We actively listen to reviews on Reddit, Instagram, Twitter, and podcasts to ensure we only bring in the best products to our Toronto dispensary. Our staff are always trying products available in the market. We spend the time to try flowers, pre-rolls, cartridges, drinks, edibles and more, ourselves before we present them to our customers. We know that there were quality issues early in legalization, and we want to ensure we are only offering quality products. We are incredibly selective on the product we carry in our store, and it is for a good reason. Not every licensed producer has the same quality assurance, growing techniques, curing process, and finished products. Our customers love how picky we are because it means they can trust and rely on us.
When picking a dispensary in Toronto, you want to choose someone reliable, consistent, and who cares about quality. You want to ensure the business has your values in mind and not investors. There are tons of corporate dispensaries and chains that don't care about the local community. They are looking to please their investors rather than listen to their customers' wants/needs, and this is where we are different. We are a local grassroots business looking to build from the ground up. You also want to inquire about terpene percentage and packaging dates as a general indicator of product freshness. Products 8+ months old won't have the same effect, cannabinoid content, or overall quality as fresher products. Health Canada has not introduced an expiry date for Cannabis yet. Until they do, we will take ownership of making sure you have fresh Cannabis. Shivaa's Rose is known within Toronto as the premier choice for a cannabis pick-up service. If you are looking for weed in Toronto, then look no further!
We have one of the best selections of pre-rolls, edibles, and dried flowers in the entire city. Customers can see most of our flowers in store before they purchase. Regulations made it difficult for producers to showcase a product in its packaging, so we decided to show you what you are buying in bud orbs throughout the store. We select our menu through product testing, feedback, and meeting with licensed producers to hear about their Cannabis growing operations. If a product slips through our quality selection process, we will remove it from our catalogue to ensure our customers always have a positive experience with us. We offer free humidity packs to ensure our products stay as fresh as possible. Humidity packs help put the moisture back into cannabis products to extend their shelf life.
We are a community-based retailer founded by a team of long-time enthusiasts of the best Marijuana Toronto has seen. Located conveniently near Bloor and Lansdowne, our customers can finally have a sigh of relief when they are in search of a legal dispensary near me with a carefully curated selection of cannabis products, impeccable service and extended store hours! At Shivaa's Rose, we desire to know everyone on a first-name basis and make our customers a part of our lives. We provide tailored recommendations on products and new launches and updates on changes within the industry. Not only is this to give the finest Cannabis retail experience ever, but to allow for our clients to feel like we are their go-to resource for all things Cannabis. We additionally support and highlight local businesses within our neighbourhood, whether it is getting a hot cup of coffee from The Daily Grind or a mouthwatering pasta dish from Sugo. Shivaa's Rose is a sensory experience like no other. Our store features the most amount of Cannabis pods in the city, which allow you to see and smell the product before purchasing. To ensure that you are getting precisely the right Cannabis product that you were looking for.
At Shivaa's Rose, our highly experienced team of enthusiasts and budtenders have hand-picked the best cannabis products and accessories on the market. We believe in only offering high-quality products, regardless of the price points. We carry incredible flower brands like Carmel, Flowr, Broken Coast, 7Acres, Pure Sunfarms, Simply Bare, RIFF, Haven St. and Shred, to name a few. Additionally, we have an exceptional selection of edible products from White Rabbit, Wana, Bhang, Little Victory, Houseplant and more! We support craft cannabis growing collectives and look to carry products from established legacy growers with a strong reputation for quality Cannabis.
Absolutely! At Shivaa's Rose, we offer free in-store pick up in Toronto. You can check out the full selection of our menu on our website. We are also available on Leafly and Weedmaps. Stay tuned for our app launching soon! In the neighbourhood and want to visit our Toronto dispensary? No problem! You can place an order online for pickup through our website as well.
In line with AGCO regulations, we can sell you 30 grams worth of dried Cannabis in each transaction. You are free to do multiple transactions per day. Our online and in-store transactions will automatically cap you once you hit the 30-gram limit. We hope to see this transaction limit increase as many of our customers have voiced their desire to buy bulk purchases. We are actively engaged in industry events and conversations advocating on behalf of our customers and other cannabis dispensaries in Toronto.
We accept cash, debit, Visa, Discover, and Mastercard. Call the store if you have any other payment-related questions. We are here to answer all of your questions.
We carry over 150 different products in our Toronto dispensary. We have everything from edibles, pre-rolls, flowers ( 1g - 28grams), shatter, diamonds, hash, oils, capsules, beverages, and more. Constant innovations are coming to the cannabis industry. Products that have proved themselves in the market or are of interest to our customers are carried as long as producers have available stock. We order all of our Cannabis through small batch orders to ensure you always get fresh, terpene present Cannabis. No one likes old weed. We take the time to research and speak with various licensed producers each week to ensure we have up-to-date information on current stock levels and packaging dates.
We do not sell growing equipment. Our sole focus is on ready to enjoy cannabis products. Growing quality Cannabis requires fertilizers, nutrients, tents, agricultural tools, ventilation, lights, etc. We choose to focus on ready to enjoy cannabis products only to provide a complete and quality experience. We highly recommend going to a specialty growing store with established legacy knowledge on growing Cannabis plants. They will be able to provide you with the necessary knowledge and techniques for optimal growth.
First-time users are always welcome in our store. IF you have any questions regarding Cannabis, consumption methods, product types, etc., our staff is trained and equipped to help ease you into trying this new experience. We always recommend starting low and gradually increasing the dosage. Establishing a baseline will help you find the right intoxication level to give you an optimal experience. Edibles metabolize differently than Cannabis that is smoked. We are always here to explain everything thoroughly to ensure you are ready and comfortable for your cannabis experiences.
We make sure to put legacy strain names on branded products to help ensure our customers know what strains they are getting. We find many of our customers still prefer to use legacy strain names, and we are here to represent their wants and needs. That means that if you enter Shivaa's Rose and ask for Blue Dream, Diesel, Sensi Star, Girl Scout Cookies, AK47, Pink Kush or more, then we can point you to the right product or lineage available.
Our store has no stairs and is perfectly accessible by wheelchair. We understand that there may be further accessibility needs. IF you or a friend require an accessibility accommodation, please get in touch with our store directly to make any reasonable necessary adjustments. We look to be inclusive of all people and will try our absolute best to accommodate everyone.
Orders placed online for pickup will be held for 72 hours. We will contact our customers with pickup reminders past that. Orders that are not picked up within seven days will be cancelled and refunded. You can place an order for pickup online through our website, on Leafly, or Weedmaps.
Shivaa's Rose is a proud, independent, minority-owned business. We saw enormous public interest in the cannabis space and wanted to ensure equal, minority representation in the independent cannabis retail space. Cannabis has been present in Hindu culture for millenniums. We want to ensure the history before legal recreational Cannabis is not forgotten. We choose to honour the Hindu god Shivaa through our marketing materials.
We sell an extensive range of accessories from notable brands like Wu-Tang Clan, Santa Cruz Shredder, Storz and Bickell, Pax, West Coast Gifts, Cheech and Chong, Red Eye Glass, and more. Our accessory lineup is constantly changing. We try to bring in limited stock, unique pieces. Our community is home to very original and unique creatives, and we understand the value of individuality. We carry uniquely scented candles, bongs/water pipes, hand pipes, grinders, vaporizers, pre-roll cones, papers, filters, and more. We also carry several different cleaning accessories to help keep you safe and sanitary while prolonging the life span of your cannabis accessories. We always recommend regular maintenance of your bongs, pipes, and vaporizers.
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