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3 of the Newest Cannabis Brands to hit the Market

3 of the Newest Cannabis Brands to hit the Market

2023 is bringing some amazing new products and brands to the Ontario Cannabis market. With the rise of micro cultivators and the shrinking of market share by bigger players, it is giving an opportunity for smaller teams to launch and bring their products to cannabis stores everywhere. 

We have identified 3 new cannabis brands that are worth keeping an eye on this year:

El Blunto

At the top of our list is the popular US brand El Blunto. El Blunto specializes in making finely crafted premium cannabis cigars ( or cannagar for short). 

El Blunto launched earlier this year in Ontario in partnership with Olli brands to release their 

0.75 gram El Bluntito Viva pre-rolled blunt and recently dropped their 2-gram Cullinan Diamond Infused Pre Roll. El Blunto is unique in the Canadian blunt market as it is the only pre-roll blunt that includes broken-up whole flower instead of a grind.


Growtown may not necessarily be a new brand, but new to Ontario with some amazing premium products. Their Chem cookies has been a favourite for their large dense nugs, heavily coated in trichomes.

They recently dropped their Bubble Gum Funk Hash Rosin is one of the best Hash Rosins in the market right now. This indoor gown product is ice washed and pressed by hand in small batches, making it a true artisan craft rosin.

Kronic Relief

Kronic has been making waves in Toronto with its recent events and outreach programs. The Black-owned LP has dropped their Gorilla Breath flower, which is a cross of Original Glue and OGKB. Kronic is looking to continue bringing legacy strain variations to the market.

Kronic Relief was originally launched under the Artisan Batch collective label.

If you are looking for a sativa, try their Super Silver Haze prerolls available now at Shivaa’s. 

Keep an eye out for Kronic’s new upcoming drops this year!

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