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5 Of the Best Blunts in Ontario

5 Of the Best Blunts in Ontario

When legalization first happened, the market for pre-rolled blunts was nonexistent. After a few years of category innovation and the rise of new unique brands, there are now some great options. The blunt category has dozens of competitors now and comes in formats such as 0.5g, 1g, or 2g. Recently, the RISE OF INFUSED PRE ROLLS has crossed over into the blunt category for customers looking for a special treat for a great occasion. We highlighted some of the most adored products in the Ontario cannabis store market.

The Loud Plug

The Loud Plug team has been the industry leader since their launch in 2021. Their iconic Benny Blunto ( 22-29% THC) quickly rose to the top of the pre-roll category as the top Blunt in Ontario. The success of their Benny Blunto was followed up with their Guava Biscotti ( 20-26%THC) pre-rolled blunts. The most loved aspect of The Loud Plug blunt lineup is the consistency in their products while they have exploded growing at scale. The brand entered the market and set the bar high for pre-rolled blunts. They recently introduced their Infused Benny Blunto ( 28-36% THC) into the market with the same high standards as the rest of their lineup. The Loud Plugs blunts come in packs of 1x1g, 3 x0.5g and 5x1g formats!

Ghost Drops

Ghost Drops is one of Canada's most notorious brands. There is no doubt that Ghost Drops will continue to rise in Canada as the de-facto leader of legacy-to-legal. The Ghost Drop's reputation is revered in the cannabis space, and it was no surprise that their First Class Funk blunt would be a hit! The First Class Funk blunt is a heavy hitter at 23-27% THC, but in all reality, it felt more than that. It's a solid product, burns consistently, and is pure white ash. We expected nothing less from the iconic Ghost Drops brand.


Big is a company known primarily for the success of its concentrates. They recently released their Hash Blunt which comes in at 32-38% THC. The BIG Hash Blunt is infused with hand-washed bubble hash through solventless ice water extraction. The BIG Hash Blunt burns well and is on par with other infused blunts currently in the market. The BIG Blunt comes in 1x1g format.


Lobo has been around in the United States market for some time and is known for its cannagars. Lobo recently dropped the Presidente Blunt, which comes in at 25-33% THC. The president's Blunt is unique as it is the only 2-gram Blunt in the market. They are equipped with a glass tip for a premium smoking experience. The Lobo Presidente Blunt is the perfect companion to a special event. Got a job promotion? Celebrate with a 2g blunt to your face. Is your best friend getting married? This is the gift you share together.


BLK MKT has been one of the most respected and consistent brands. They quickly became well known for their craft quality flower ( and a price point to match). Their premium pre-rolls are simply one of the best. When BLKMKT introduced their blunts to stores in Ontario, we were skeptical about seeing if the consistency would cross over into the blunt sub-category. We were not disappointed. BLK MKT currently has two products on the market right now. They first released their Cake Pops BLNT ( 20-27.5% THC) and their Animal Sorbet x Kush Mints BLNT ( 27-33% THC). Both products were an absolute delight, and the feedback has been great. The best part about BLK MKT blunts is that they come at the same price point as their pre-rolls. BLK MKT's blunts bring overall value for the dollar for a taste of a premium flower!

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