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5 Of the Most Unique Infused-Edibles

5 Of the Most Unique Infused-Edibles

There have been so many new product releases this year already that It can be overwhelming sorting through all of the edible options.

We tried all of them to ensure we are only putting the best products forward for you.

We highlight 5 of the most unique infused edibles that are now available at Shivaa’s Rose

Astroid Mix by AstroNutz

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9 MG of THC per pack

Official Description: This delectable mix of honey-roasted peanuts, crunchy pretzels, smoky barbecue toasted corn, and sweet sesame sticks are the best for when you’re looking for a fun snack.

Sweet N’ Salty Popcorn by Suge

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9 MG of THC Per Pack

Official Description: How to make your snacking experience that much better? Well, you're at the right spot. We took a lovely and salty kettle corn and made it much better by infusing it with THC. They're fast acting and perfectly sweet. Our goal at sÜge is to provide a true snacking experience to the end user. Real OG snacks for the OG consumers.

Chocolate Brownies by Baked Babes (2 pack)

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10 MG of THC per pack

Official Description: Baked in a traditional square shape, each brownie has that perfect chewy edge with a soft and chocolatey centre. Crafted by our own female Pastry Chef founders, quality is second to none. Using minimal all-natural ingredients and high-quality Dutch-pressed cocoa powder, indulge in an extravagant treat with our Babes Brownies. Each brownie contains 5mg THC and 5mg CBD.

Salt n' Vinegar Krisps By AstroNutz

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9 MG of THC per Pack

Official Description: Fast acting and full of flavour, you'll even take the next playoff loss or terrible Nick Cage movie with a smile. These chips are exactly what you are craving.

Apple Cider THC by A’Most Vegan

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9 MG of THC per Pack

Official Description: Apple Cider powder mix infused with highest grade of THC. 

The proprietary encapsulation process Ichor Inc has developed could be applied to all powdered edibles containing fat soluble. The blends of ingredients are sourced from existing non-cannabis supplies which have proven market share with consumer following. The unique process at Ichor ensures the formulations remain intact throughout the encapsulation to refrain from altering the customers’ experience.

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