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Cannabis Beverages - An Alternative to Alcohol

Cannabis Beverages - An Alternative to Alcohol

With the Summer Heat finally, here, there isn’t a better time to try Cannabis beverages. There are now over 20 different beverages to choose from at any given time at Shivaa’s Rose.

Cannabis Beverages have come a long way and an ice-cold one is the perfect cool-down treat. Beverages now come in a variety of flavours and packaging, with many having no cannabis taste to them at all. Most beverages we carry contain 5-10 MG’s of THC but we also have little to no THC and HIGH CBD options available. 

Cannabis beverages provide an alternative for people who may be turned off or can’t drink alcohol. Some prefer to compliment their smoke session with an infused beverage to have a much more rounded edible effect as well.

Our Favorite Products:

XMG – Created by Truss Beverage Co, XMG is available in a wide range of flavours from Blue Raspberry, Citrus, Mango Pineapple, Tropical Fruit and More. XMG is loaded with 

10MG of THC and a flavour profile that is packed to match. XMG has been a consistent favourite since its release

Keef - One of the best-tasting beverages on the market, Keef comes to us in Bubba Kush and Classic Cola. Keef had a limited stock drop in late 2021 that sent the market into a thirsty spiral for more. The beverage is known to be one of the best tasting and consistent brands in the beverage category.

Collective Project – From the same team behind the popular craft beer brand Collective Arts has released some of the most delicious fruit cocktails on the market.

Collective Project currently has:

Lemon Honey and Ginger Chamomile Sparkling Tea

Mango Pineapple and Coconut Sparkling Juice

Blood Orange Yuzu and Vanilla Sparkling Juice

Pear and Lemon

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