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How do you Vape Weed?

How do you Vape Weed?

You probably are interested in trying weed but aren’t a fan of combustibles. That is perfectly okay. Smoking isn’t for everyone. Thanks to some strides in technology and innovation, there are now a few different ways to vape.

At Shivaa’s Rose Bloor West, We always get customers coming in wanting to try vaping but not equipped with the knowledge to try. 

4 Methods to Cannabis Vaping

Disposable Vape

Disposable vapes are a great entry point into the vaping world. Most disposable vapes range from $20-40. While they may not give you the best bang for your buck, they do suffice for new or non-regular users looking to try vaping.

510 Cart + Battery

These vapes are the most popular by far. To use a 510 cart, you need a 510 Vape Battery. Most batteries range from $7 -$20, with special modified ones that can go well above that. Once you have a battery, you need a vape cartridge. Vape cartridges typically come in 0.5g and 1g options and range from $20-70.

Pax Era + Pods

Seen as the kind of vapes, Pax Era pods bring a sophisticated and elevated experience. With easy-to-pop-in proprietary pods that are calibrated for a consistent and quality session, you can’t go wrong with Pax Era. Pax Era also comes equipped with a full smart control app to elevate your cannabis vaping experience. The initial cost is higher than 510 and Disposables as Pax Era’s retail for $50 and Pax Era Pro’s go for $100.

Dry Herb Vaporizer

No combustion and a much more natural taste and experience. Dry Herb Vapes give you the freedom of constantly changing your strain and preference. Dry-Herb vaporizers come in both tabletop and portable versions in various shapes, sizes, and features. Dry Herb vaporizers range from $50-$800 and require you to pair them with your choice of Dried Flower. 

Our favourite Dry Herb tabletop vaporizer is the Storz and Bickel Volcano

The reigning king of portable dry herb vapes remains the Pax 3.

The most consistent oil-based vaporizer is the Pax Era and Pax Pods

The best and most affordable portable option remains the G-Pen Dash

You can rest assured that we can answer any-and-all your questions. Step into our Toronto dispensary near Bloor and Lansdowne and see our selection of cannabis, accessories, and have all your questions answered.

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