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Is it time to give legal weed a second chance ?

Is it time to give legal weed a second chance ?

There’s something unique about buying weed.
It used to carry a special air of awkward tension and hand -to-hand meetups from someone that a friend knew. That relationship would evolve with time into a regular “dealer” that would grow sometimes to be a familiar and consistent interaction. Drug deals became instances of friendly catch-ups for many Canadians.  For many of us; buying weed and being a back-in-the-day stoner came with a level of wrongfully criminal and societal risk that we were willing to endure in civil disobedience while the market is flooded with much more harmful alternatives.
That’s why it really hurt when Canadian licensed producers and governments did not deliver a successful cannabis product or adequate retail path to consumers.
It took two full years of legal cannabis process revision and outspoken customer feedback to finally reach a point where it is worthwhile for recreational consumers to give legal cannabis a second chance.


The cost of legal cannabis was a HUGE barrier. It was outlandish and unacceptable to have sub-par product at premium price-points. Licensed producers took a beating on low quality and low THC products before listening to what consumers wanted. It isn’t complicated. Good bud at a fair price point !
Some recent products to market have driven the price down while raising the quality. 
The legal cannabis market is now seeing AA prices at $4-7/gram and AAAA at $11-17/gram. Canada’s legal market now holds one of the cheapest price points for quality flower in any G7 illegal cannabis markets.


When we said it hurt when Canadian cannabis companies didn’t deliver; we were really speaking to quality more than anything else. We saw examples of really bad product from licensed producers. Bud that was overly dry, improper trim, seeds, etc. While not nearly on the same level of bad as Mexican weed from the guy on the beach during your vacation; it was still bad.
Thanks to process improvements in drying, packaging, and supply chain; we are seeing some top notch products that are considered rare in the legacy market. Companies like Truro, Broken Coast, and Msiku are bringing high quality flower at fair prices.
Budget friendly brands like Original Stash and Daily Special are also bringing well-trimmed and decent AA+/AAA- strains to a comfortable price for even the most frugal smoker.
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Buying Cannabis has never been easier for Canadians in Ontario. The Ontario cannabis store website has been offering free delivery all year with delivery to most regions in 1-3 days ! Most people still prefer the retail store experience.
After two years of legalization; Ontario now has 180 stores authorized to open. You will find stores with amazing budtenders ready to answer all your questions and find you the right product at your own convenience. This full experience is finally opening up throughout Ontario so it’s a good time to give cannabis a second chance.

Independent Retail Stores

Many stores that are opening are passion projects for people involved in the cannabis industry their whole lives and are finally seeing their dreams come to fruition. Many of the independent stores are family businesses.  Some groups are from other industries looking to jump into an emerging market that’s more future proof then other industries that have suffered in 2020. Some are stoners like you and I who are tired of what they were doing and wanted to get into the Cannabis world.
With stores opening up in convenient locations in your neighborhood; these stores are bringing jobs back and revenue back into society while being accessible to you.
Canada has gotten its act together when it comes to weed.
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