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New Strains Coming to Shivaa’s Rose

New Strains Coming to Shivaa’s Rose

It was Katt Williams that first joked about “Weed getting better every two weeks” (See Clip). Nothing could be more truthful in Canadian Cannabis in 2023. With improvements all over from expert growers, a tighter supply chain, and more variety in the market; we are now seeing the emergence of select highly anticipated drops. Over the next couple months, be on the lookout for these strains by Canada’s top Cannabis companies.

Devil Driver by F1NE Cannabis from Ontario Micro Growers

Grown by local micro craft grower F1NE Cannabis in St.Catherines, Devil Driver is one of the most anticipated strains of the year.

Devil Driver is a hybrid cross of Sundae Driver and Melonade. IT will be brought to market by Ontario Micro Growers and is expected in the market by the end of February. This strain should come in at least 27 – 30% THC. 

Ontario Micro Growers provided a sneak peek of Devil Driver at the Kind Winter Fair, and the nose on this is fantastic. Hints of berry and melon came alive, and we are excited to see this strain drop.

Baklava by Ghost Drops

Canada’s most notorious brand, Ghost Drops, is releasing its newest strain, Baklava, next month. Baklava is a cross of Kosher Kush and Gelato 41.

This Indica-dominant hybrid is expected to drop with dense nugs and dark green in colour. It is set to have a sweet, citrusy taste with hints of diesel and spice.

Ghost Drops is known for being one of the most prestigious brands to transition from Legacy to Legal. Their First Class Funk and King Sherb have received fantastic reviews, and we can’t wait to try their latest offering.

Tricopath by Coterie (Exclusive)

Coterie, the Toronto-based company behind Mendo Breath, is set to release its newest strain. Coterie has kept details of this drop secret until now.

We reached out to get all the information directly from them.

Tricopath is a cross of Platinum and Jelly Breath.

Growers Notes:

Tricopath was winning the race during the last pheno-hunt! The smell reminded us of berries mixed with strong floral notes. The bud structure is dense and compact. Dark purple has been a dominant visual in the last couple of weeks of flower, showing us Tricopath's true expression. Despite not being the highest-yielding cultivar, the trichome production and quality made this phenotype special. She was short and stocky during the vegetative state and stayed that way throughout the flowering stages.

Strain Specs:

Genetics: Platinum x Jelly Breath
Breeder: In-House Genetics
Medium: Coco Coir
Lighting: HPS
Nutrients: Athena Pro Line
Veg Time: 14 Days
Flower Time: 60 Days
Flush: 2-Week Taper with a 5-Day Soft Flush
Dry: Hang-dried For 16+ Days
Moisture Target: 60%
Trim: Hand-Trimmed On-Branch
Cure: Barrel Cure For 21+ Days

Expected Effects:

This heavy-hitting indica strain leaves you with a tingly body buzz that hits just right. Its floral and spice aromas mix with its powerful effects to provide deep relaxation. Feel yourself unwind as the body transcends into a deep state of euphoric relaxation.

Avalanche by Tenzo

Tenzo has released some crazy fire lately. Their Ice Cream Sandwiches strain has been a favourite for many customers. We have been keeping a close eye on Tenzo to see what else is coming from the latest showstopper from Avant Brands.

Tenzo will be dropping their Avalanche strain very soon, and it will be coming in 3.5g flower! 

Avalanche is a cross of Lava Cake and Fleetwood Mac (not the band).

It is expected to come in at 30%, and if it is anything like their Ice Cream Sandwiches, we are sure it will be a hit!

Keep an eye out for those new drops as they come to Shivaa’s Rose in limited batches over the next couple of months.

MTL Cannabis - Jungl' Cake
MTL Cannabis changed the game when they released their Sage n Sour, one of the highest CBG strains in the market.
MTL Cannabis will be releasing their new strain Jungl' Cake which is a hybrid cross of White Fire and Wedding Cake.
"A cross between White Fire and Wedding Cake, Jungl’ Cake ‘s buds are lime green with thin orange
hairs and frosty white trichomes. The flavor is sweet with notes of pastry dough, creamy marshmallow
and cashews. The aroma is earthy and nutty with a sweet fruity overtone that’s both sugary and spicy. "
We are super excited to check out one of the most consistent brands to hit the Ontario market. Keep your eyes peeled for the release of Jungl' Cake in the next few months!
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