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Shivaa's Rose – Cannabis Sensory Garden

Shivaa's Rose – Cannabis Sensory Garden

Cannabis is and always will be a sensory product.

Weed is known for its aroma, taste, effects, and benefits. There's nothing quite like opening up a bag of fresh, pungent, terpene-rich weed that smells like comfort. There's no feeling like shining a light on a properly cured flower to examine the trichomes and characteristics that highlight each strain's uniqueness.

That's why we were blown away by the fact that most dispensaries in Ontario actually don't show the product itself.

….but why is that?

For most retailers, it has been a mix of cost and general confusion around regulations. The vagueness in legislation made many retailers believe they aren't allowed to show the product in-store. With no allowance for samples or display products from licensed producers, retailers that choose to showcase cannabis products in-store anyways have to do so at a cost to themselves.

While unfair for retailers to take on the additional cost to show the products, we firmly believe that Cannabis will always be a sensory product. Consumers want to see and smell flowers before they buy, and it should be an industry standard. That is why we chose to lead by carrying 40+ different kinds of flower in bud-display jars! 

While we await the slow-moving needle of government action to catch up to consumers' wants and preferences, we will choose to take that cost on and pick up the slack to ensure our customers get exactly what they want, every time.



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