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Spring Sativa’s - The Best Strains for Productivity

Spring Sativa’s - The Best Strains for Productivity

With spring just around the corner, many of us are looking at ways to reset and reorganize our goals for the new year. We have highlighted 5 sativa strains with traditional sativa effects that are sure to give you an energized boost to keep you elevated while remaining on task.

Spring Cleaning Strains

Organic Super Lemon Haze by 1964

23.5 – 30% THC Range

Lemon Skunk x Super Silver Haze 

Super Lemon Haze is one of the first strains that come to mind when getting ready for spring cleaning. This strain is a pleasant and citrusy cross that is the ideal wake-bake when you have a list of chores that need to get done. The haze cross will have you in a funky daze, blasting music while cleaning and getting your tasks done to have you set up for success in the new season.

Creative Brainstorming Strains

Animal Face by Carmel Cannabis

29-35% THC range

Face Off OG x Animal Mints

Animal Face by Eastcann

24-30% THC Range

Face off OG x Animal Mints

When it comes to creative brainstorming, we can’t think of a better strain cross then Animal Face. Animal Face is a cross of Face Off OG and Animal Mints, initially bred by Seed Junky Genetics from California.

Carmel’s Animal Face has long been a favourite for many due to its quality cure and high THC Range. Eastcann just dropped their variant of Animal Face coming in at a lower range. 

We recommend the Carmel strain for heavy users, and the Eastcann variant for newer or in-frequent users. Either way, you are in for a pleasant, uplifting, and creative high. This makes it the perfect strain when getting ready to tackle a new project.

Daily Productivity 

Oaxacan Haze by Ministry of Sativa 

20-25% THC Range

Strawberry n Mintz by MTL Cannabis 

27-37% THC Range

Many of us are daily smokers that use sativas as a way to complement our lives while remaining on task. Oaxacan Haze by Ministry of Sativa ( a new all Sativa brand) is coming in at 20-25% THC with traditional sativa landrace genetics from Mexico. For many, this may feel like a throwback strain with its lineage. It’s a great, smooth, pleasant smoke that can have you seshing throughout your day while you get work done.

For those wanting a stronger sativa for daily productivity, we recommend Strawberry n Mintz, one of the most delicious and hard-hitting sativa’s we have seen yet. Brought to market by MTL Cannabis ( known for the Sage n Sour strain), this has been one of the most consistent products to hit our shelves. Warning, this may cause naps throughout the day!

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