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The Red-Eye Perspective: What's it like being a first-time budtender? - Meet Allie

The Red-Eye Perspective: What's it like being a first-time budtender? - Meet Allie

The booming cannabis industry has grown substantially over the last couple years; providing many new jobs into the economy. 

With the sudden expansion of the cannabis retail environment in Ontario; many new budtenders are emerging and growing in this fast-paced, newly accepted industry.

We caught up with Allie to discuss what her experience has been like transitioning into the Cannabis industry.

What's it like being a first-time Budtender?

Being a first-time budtender is a never-ending learning experience in regards to the changing and growing cannabis industry, and products we research and sell in the shop. It’s refreshing to be in an environment where business and cannabis merge in a way that is beneficial to the clientele and communities we, as dispensaries, serve. 

What Industries have you worked in before?

I’ve mainly been in the retail industry, and I also work in the pet care industry as well. If you’re reading this, tell your dog/cat I say “hi!” 

What led you to join the Cannabis Industry?

With the ongoing pandemic, I was looking to fill extra hours in my schedule. I knew I didn’t want to go back to retail, but was looking for an environment where my skill set could be used, and also an environment where I can learn more about business. 

What was the biggest difference between being a budtender compared to some of your other roles?

Allie: Biggest difference? No one will ask me to sell them a half-gram at a cash register. Just kidding! One of the biggest differences with being a budtender compared to other roles is the mutual respect from clients, company brand ambassadors, and everyone I work with at Shivaa’s Rose. Being a budtender, you’re literally the face of the company when interacting with clients and their needs, and their respect for your product knowledge is truly worth its weight in gold because you really want people to leave and have a great experience with their purchases. 

When you’re on the front end, it also means you’re the first person brand ambassadors see as well. Their respect for what budtenders see on the sales floor is imperative to ensure products reach the quality standards, and concerns are met that have been voiced from clientele. Without this, budtending would fall flat.

Do you find most people know what they want when they come to Shivaa's Rose? 

Allie: Clients generally know what they’re looking for in terms of the type of product, such as gummies, flowers, pre-rolls, etc. Once we establish the type of product the client wants, it’s time to ask some questions to see if they like Sativa, hybrid or India. Sometimes clients specifically look for CBD as well. After we find out what the client prefers, it generally falls towards the budtender to recommend what we have that would suit their needs. Overall I would say about 70% of clients know what they want and will ask for it, 25% need some slight recommendation, and 5% of clients really need a helping hand as it may be their first time being introduced to cannabis, or they may be a very occasional user. 

What is something that surprised you about the legal cannabis industry?

Allie: The thing that is most surprising is how many women-led brands there are currently on the market. I think it’s badass. 

What are some of your favourite products?


Craft blueberry chews by White Rabbit

Craft sour peach chews by White Rabbit 

Rockstar Kush by Muskoka Grown

Wedding Cake by BLLRDR

BC black cherry by FLOWR

King Louis XIII 510 cartridge by Thumbs Up Brand

What would you like to see changed in the legal industry?

Allie: Edibles and other consumables with higher THC mg. 

What are some social causes that you are passionate about?

Allie: I’m passionate about social justice causes and I’m pretty passionate about saving the whales and the ocean. Gotta do your part to make tomorrow a better place, ya know?

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