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The Rise Of Craft Cannabis

The Rise Of Craft Cannabis

It is with no surprise that Cannabis consumers gear love exclusive and premium cannabis products. While most Canadians may be unaware of the extensive list of cultivars and genetics in the market; there has been a very loud and dedicated community that is working really hard to open up the retail cannabis landscape to craft genetics.


The Ontario Cannabis Store has opened up consultations for Craft Cannabis as part of their December Tradeshow announcement and it has consumers really excited for what is to come in 2021


What is Craft Cannabis:

-Smaller scale; Artisanal Cannabis Producers

-Annual Volume must not surpass 10,000 KG

-Hang Dried, Hand Trimmed, Hand Packaged


This new announcement regarding craft cannabis is one that is set to be welcomed with open arms from cannaseurseverywhere.

 Since the very beginning of legalization; consumers have been calling on licensed producers and Health Canada to work on improving the quality and consistency for available legal flower. There has been a rising demand for micro-cultivators backed by lifelong growers that may not be able to achieve the same kind of product quality and consistency on a large scale.

With no shortage of dedicated, legacy growers that have been searching for a viable path to market and a curious consumer base; we are very excited to be able to bring Premium craft cannabis into the Toronto market in mid-late 2021!

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