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The Rise of Infused Pre-Rolls

The Rise of Infused Pre-Rolls


Infused pre-rolls have been popping up all over Canada. It begs some to question, what exactly is an infused pre-roll?

Infused pre-rolls give users a more potent cannabis experience by including concentrated forms of cannabis inside the pre-roll.

Traditional pre-rolls contain just ground-up flowers, while infused pre-rolls may contain hash, resin, rosin, shatter, or a combination of!

For regular users or for someone looking to have a slightly more special experience than traditional joints, infused pre-rolls give Canadians an opportunity to really challenge their high limits.

We have seen a ton of new infused pre-rolls flood the market recently.

General Admission has released a few variations like their Berry G #33 or Tropic GSC 1 gram infused pre-rolls

Cruuzy offers their new Supercharged Indica doobies as well!

Dab Bods has a super-premium Grape Ape Infused pre-roll pack that includes 3 x 0.5g pre-rolls in a pack that are infused with concentrated cannabis resin 

Canaca’s Indica 30 pre-rolls come in a 3 x 0.5g pack and are infused with tons of additional kief.

Qwest has also recently released their new Sour Tangie Diamond infused pre-rolls ( diamonds are seen as the most premium cannabis concentrate currently available!). They also come in their Apricot Kush strain variation as well.

Good Supply currently has one of the cheapest infused pre-roll options on the market with their hash-infused pre-rolls called “Hash Bats” offered in Jean-Guy and Starwalker Kush variants.

As the cannabis market develops and evolves, we hope to continue seeing new products developed like these that can create unique experiences with Cannabis. The days of smoking 5-gram cannons of sess in order just to get a buzz are gone. Nowadays, a half-gram infused pre-roll is enough to leave most stoners couch-locked.

Have you tried these newly infused pre-rolls yet? What was your experience like?

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