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The World of Hash

The World of Hash


Hash has been around for many millennia, and as the years have gone by, the variations that have come to market have been truly amazing. It is increasingly impressive that even after a few thousand years, this category is continuing to see innovative products as consumers yearn for the warm taste of quality hash.

In the past, we had seen the production of hash dependent heavily on locality and country of origin. Hashes from Morocco, Egypt, Afghanistan, and Lebanon have a deep and traditional method for their extraction and pressing and brands from these origins have a standard expected by consumers.

With the opening of legal markets, we now get to see the true promise of the concentrate categories and variations of hash. Technology has helped bring variation in type while maintaining consistency through various batches.

Types of Hash

Dry Sieve Hash

This method includes using matured plants that are harvested and then rubbed, shaken, or vibrated at high frequencies against a mesh screen to sift all the trichomes

Hand Rubbed Hashish

An extremely traditional method for making Hash includes physically grabbing or catching the living plant then rubbing hands and kneading the residue together until it is sticky, and compacted. This method has been used for thousands of years but can prove to create some inconsistent batches.

Bubble Hash

Bubble Hash is made by using water to force the cannabis residue out of the plant by securing it in a mesh screen bag and then tumbling or rotating it at high speeds for a good amount of time until the desired product is achieved. There are some fantastic machines available to make your own bubble hash. Bubble hash has risen in popularity in recent years.

Current in Market Hash at Shivaa’s 

Gold Seal Hash by HashCo

Lemon Haze Hash by Daily Special

Hashish by Tremblent

Afghan Black Hash by Vortex

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