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UP Cannabis rebrands and launches as “UP20”

UP Cannabis rebrands and launches as “UP20”

Up Cannabis, which was acquired by Hexo in 2019, has relaunched into the cannabis space as UP20. Up cannabis was heavily hyped prior to legalization with backing from Canadian band The Tragically Hip.

Due to Canadian cannabis marketing regulations; the brand ( along with other celebrity brands) have had to re-strategize and pivot away from the celebrity endorsement.

As part of their new rebrand; UP promises to consistently deliver products into the market at above a 20% THC level.

In addition to this new value proposition; UP has also released a full campaign taking ownership and responsibility for flooding the market with sub-par products before taking the brand down to re work their strategy.

With new ads in circulation highlighting negative customer reviews and inviting customers to give legal cannabis a second try; the brand is taking a very risky approach to address previous quality issues.

We are patiently waiting to see how this plays out and if they can deliver on their new promise of providing a consistent, quality, 20% + THC product.

Read more about the marketing campaign and rebrand led by Sister Merci and Hexo on the original article at Strategy

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