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What Are Micro Craft Cannabis Collectives?

What Are Micro Craft Cannabis Collectives?


This past year has been an absolute breath of fresh air regarding cannabis product quality in the regulated market.

Thanks to more innovation, more products available, and the expansion of the cannabis industry, there are great new brands that are popping up with quality cannabis products.

The best of the best have come out in the form of Micro Craft Cannabis Collectives. The first question you may have is: What is Micro Craft Cannabis?

Micro-Craft Cannabis in Canada is defined as a product by a micro-grower who has a license to cultivate up to 200 square meters of Cannabis and usually yields less than 600kg of dried Cannabis annually.

Micro-Craft Cannabis is a typically small batch; limited drop strains from unique growers. Most micro-craft producers are independent shops of only a few employees/owners with a passion for quality and artisanal growth. Thanks to its limited supply offerings, micro-craft Cannabis typically moves pretty quickly from farm to consumer, making way for a shorter supply chain journey to the customer.

We identified the two leaders of Canadian Micro-Craft Cannabis collectives working with domestic micro-craft cannabis companies to bring their weed to market.

OMG - Ontario Micro Growers

OMG is a collective based in Ontario, working with various growers to bring their products to market. So far, OMG has released Slap n Tickle by Frost Cannabis and Desi by Fiver Rivers Cannabis. OMG will be releasing Devil Driver by F1NE Cannabis in 2023. The Ontario Micro Growers team is striving to bring premium, limited release strains to all of Canada. The brand has been known for their transparency and detail on their packaging and their grass roots approach to growing and community building. Ontario Micro Growers gives all credit to the grow directly in the product's name and packaging.

We currently carry Slap n Tickle by Frost Cannabis at Shivaa's Rose. Desi by Five Rivers Cannabis is sold out completely!

BC Black 

BC Black features a collective of legacy BC Cannabis growers who have transitioned to the legal market. BC Black has already released a substantial amount of limited-release products in each market. BC Black works with micro craft growers such as Laughing Turtle Farms, Krazy Krystal, Pineapple Buds, Black Kettle Farms, Smoker Farms, and more! Our customers loved Landslide by Miracle Valley.

We currently carry Hawaiian Pineapple and Pineapple Upside Down cake grown by Pineapple Buds and brought to market by BC Black. 

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