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What Does Reddit Think of Legal Canadian Cannabis ?

What Does Reddit Think of Legal Canadian Cannabis ?

Cannabis has been legal for almost two years come this October 17th.

The Canadian legal cannabis industry has dramatically changed the quality and perception of legal bud.

We highlight 5 posts from this past week from the Reddit community that shine a light on what people really think about legal cannabis in Ontario.


1. 7Acres Craft Collective - Ice Cream Cake 

 "One of the strongest indicas I've ever tried, ice cream cake by 7acres at 23% will wreck your night" u/amitron52





Original Reddit Post




2. Indica - by B!NGO

 "B!NGO indica 15g.15.6 THC. O7302020 is this head stash?" u/kneelpottrick"


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 3. Peggy's Pride- by MSIKU 

  "Msiku never seems to fail me..more fire. Pack came with 2 large 1.4g nugs that is stunning and sticky af.u/ConcernedLEAF


 4. JD OG - Gage Cannabis 

 "I don’t know what it is with this JD OG (Josh D OG)   that I like so much? Is it that it’s so smooth in the smoke or the high I get from it but it’s my go to lately."   u/Daysmoker8

Original Reddit Post



 5. Mac 1- Citizen Stash


Its Finally here !!!!!! 26.8%THC" u/Repttarr


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Stay posted each week as we highlight what real Canadians think of legal bud.

Until next time,

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