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What is a Live Resin Vaporizer

What is a Live Resin Vaporizer


Vapes are everywhere these days. There have been a lot of amazing innovations and technology in the cannabis space that is seeing a continual array of better, tastier, and more interesting vaporizers and accessories that are seeing a lot of great feedback at Shivaa’s Rose.

Cannabis vapes come in a variety from 510 cartridges to Pax pods and disposable pens. If you are new to vaping and want more information on different vapes and how to consume them, start with this article here: HOW TO VAPE WEED

Before we get into Live Resin Vapes specifically, we need to cover what Live Resin is as a concentrate and how this differs from traditional vaporizers.

Live Resin is a concentrate derived from fresh, flash-frozen cannabis. This process requires very specific equipment and extraction technology to pull the concentrated bio-liquid from the plant while maintaining its most natural profile. 

Traditional vapes normally mix distillate (pure THC) with added flavouring and terpenes to mimic flavours. Live Resin may not be as potent based on THC %, but it provides a more natural potency with natural terpene entourage effects that can create a more balanced experience.

For this reason, you can expect Live Resin vapes to provide a more natural flavour and high than traditional vaporizers. Flavours won’t typically seem as manipulated or artificial in this method. For this reason, most Live Resin vape products are perceived as being of higher quality.

Live Resin Vaporizers come in 510 Cartridges, Pax Pods, and Disposable Pens. Many great ones are out right now, and we have identified our favourites below. You can order to have it delivered to you from Shivaa’s Rose on our website or through UberEATS.

Currently at Shivaa’s Rose, our most favoured Live Resin Vapes by our budtenders are:

Tribal – Cuban Linx

Tribal – Power Sherb

Sherbinski- Pink Sherb

Holy Mountain - Slurricane

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