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What is Drake's Producer up to in the Cannabis Industry with BLLRDR?

What is Drake's Producer up to in the Cannabis Industry with BLLRDR?

It has been a few years since Noah “40” Shebib announced the upcoming release of BLLRDR, a pending Canadian cannabis brand. "40"  is a Grammy award winning producer credited with producing every Drake album and some of his biggest grossing songs.
While it is a little-known fact that 40 has been battling with Multiple Sclerosis; those within his inner circle are accustomed to 40 always packing a jar of a rare cultivar of Afghani Bullrider by legendary grower Jeff Tek.
40 is really pushing major awareness campaigns around MS, a potentially disabling disease of the brain and central nervous system affecting 1,000,000 Americans and 77,000 Canadians.

Afghani Bullrider BLLRDR Noah 40 Shebib OVO Weed



Backed by Canadian company Robes Cannabis; BLLRDR is set to hit the legal landscape with a premium AAAA rating …. undoubtedly with a premium price tag attached.


Why Afghani Bullrider?

The strain is known to be a growing west coast favourite with users noting experiences boosting creativity while increasing physical relaxation. The strain is said to have strong effects without the usual sleepiness feelings some users experience with cannabis.


The hype has been building since 2018 around this new product line shrouded in mystery. The brand’s IG page (@BLLRDR) has been sharing a sneak peak of the process with photos of BTS interviews with artists and spontaneous clothing drops ready to surprise and delight future


BLLRDR Clothing 40 OVO Cannabis

BLLRDR Rollingstone magazine interview OVO 


Celebrity Endorsement

With the confusion around the Canadian marketing regulations on celebrity endorsements and cannabis; it poses the question on whether or not the heavy public association with 40 will cause any issues in the industry.
Legalization has seen brands like Canopy Growth Corporation distancing themselves from Snoop Dogg with the Leaf’s by Snoop brand (now LBS).
Wiz Khalifa and Supreme Cannabis also wrote down the Khalifa Kush line earlier this year.
Seth Rogen launched Houseplant with Canopy Growth Corporation with minimal celebrity endorsement and the brand has been growing in popularity.
When will we see BLLRDR in stores?

This is still up for discussion as the brand and its representatives have not made a formal announce date.
An October 5th contest post from the brands IG page states they are getting ready to launch into market very soon!

  BLLRDR will be grown at Mjardin Group (operating out of Colorado and Toronto) and owned by Robes Cannabis. Legendary cultivation innovator and grower Jeff Tek is said to be leading the growing operations on this special project!  



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