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What is Florida Citrus Kush (F.C.K.) and why is there so much hype around it?

What is Florida Citrus Kush (F.C.K.) and why is there so much hype around it?

By now, you must have heard about the hype around Florida Citrus Kush hitting the Canadian Market. Recently, Mood Ring released a special batch of their Florida Citrus Kush in 3.5gram formats into the Ontario market.

We caught up with the CEO of Mercari Agency Limited. Lisa Campbell. Like most Cannabis connoisseurs thirsting for craft quality in the Canadian market, we had some questions for the representative of the highly sought-after dried flower from Mood Ring.


*** UPDATE***

Mood Ring has released their new Craft Golden Berry flower and Florida Citrus Kush Pre Rolls! Order now in Ontario Here!

Q) Why do you think customers enjoy Florida Citrus Kush so much?

A) From the dense bud structure caked in trichomes to the aroma and white ash finish, FCK is hands down one of the best cultivars on the market. Hand-selected by Mood Ring’s cannabis sommelier Jose Dominguez, this was the only cannabis in the legal market that met his high standards as a legacy market grower.

Q) Where is Florida Citrus Kush (F.C.K) grown?

A) Quebec

Q) Who grows F.C.K? 

A) Shhhhh….

Q) Why did Mood Ring choose to use Nitrogen Sealed Aluminum Tins? What is the benefit?

A) Seals for freshness, as soon as you pop the can, the nose is so loud you can smell it through your mask across the room.

Q) Are there other Mood Ring products coming out in the near future?

A) We are coming out with a Craft Golden Berry cultivar, as well as Florida Citrus Kush pre-rolls in the new year. Currently, Mercari Agency is working with Mood Ring’s processor Neptune Wellness Solutions to search for the top craft flowers on the market. If you’re a licensed craft grower and you think your flower is as good as FCK, reach out!

Q) Are there plans for an ounce version of FCK.

A) No

Q) Did you expect Florida Citrus Kush to sell out so quickly?

A) Weeks ago, we had no idea FCK would sell out as a limited offering in Ontario. There was so much hype from the BC and Alberta launch that Ontario double-downed on FCK, with many stores unable to restock due to high demand. The biggest pressure of my life was having 20,000 units to sell in 8 weeks, and the Mercari sales team cleared through in two weeks time outselling most Cookies strains. Today I found out that we are the top-selling new SKU in Ontario, so I can sleep easy tonight!

Q) When can customers expect to see FCK back in stock?

A) FCK is returning to BC and Alberta, but Ontario retailers will have to wait until 2022. That being said we have some super unique products coming out with legacy genetics that I’m not privy to share yet, so stay tuned! Mood Ring will be going large at Lift, so stock up while you can.

We hope to see more products come to market with as much overall value that cannabis users received from Florida Citrus Kush by Mood Ring.

The bar has been raised for growers and products.

See Reddit Community Reviews on Florida Citrus Kush here:

Mood Ring - Florida Citrus Kush @ 25.6% THC (3.66% total terpenes)



Mood Ring- Florida Citrus Kush 🤤



Florida citrus kush 25.6% THC 1.06% terps packaged August 03, 2021. Looks amazing smells like lemon pinesol



following the hype with this one. Florida Citrus Kush🍊 (27.9% THC & 3.34% Terpenes)



If it wasn’t for this Reddit page I would never know what to try. Came across this and am super happy. Mood Ring - Florida Citrus Kush 25.6%thc Total Terps 2.24%


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