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SHIVAAPEDIA | Devil Driver by F1Ne Cannabis

SHIVAAPEDIA | Devil Driver by F1Ne Cannabis

Devil Driver by F1Ne Cannabis

Ontario Micro Growers

Indica Dominant Hybrid

Sundae Driver x Melonade

29-35% THC







Devil Driver by F1Ne Cannabis is a heavy-hitting indica dominant hybrid grown in living soil. Tiki Madman, in collaboration with Clearwater genetics, bred it. It is produced in St. Catherine’s, Ontario, by independent micro craft growers F1NE Cannabis.

We were first introduced to this bud at the Kind Winter Fair and have been excited to bring it in. It has a unique black cherry and grape smell upon opening the bag. The nugs overall seemed frosted. The bag included 1 large nug, a medium nug, and some small pieces that look to have broken off one of the nugs.

The flower passed the squish tests and had some excellent density to it.


The bag we tried came in at 34.4% and 1.4% terps. This 3.5g offering weighed in at 3.6g on our scale. 

Smoking this strain was super pleasant and tasteful. It smoked similar to a grape or black cherry punch-flavoured strain. Midway through, however, we all realized we were pretty high and decided to save the rest of the joint for later. We are all regular users and budtenders, and we recommend this for evenings/nights. This is not a daytime strain.

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