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Shivaapedia | Pecko Certified Organic Mmmosa Evo

Shivaapedia | Pecko Certified Organic Mmmosa Evo

Brand: Pecko

Product: Certified Organic Mmmosa Evo

Pecko is a newer brand to the Ontario cannabis market, and they are making some noise with their new Certified Organic Mmmosa Evo.

Pecko’s cut of Mmmosa Evo is an interesting indica dominant phenotype of the classic sativa mmmosa. This phenotype is mainly a gassy, sedative strain with traditional indica qualities

Pecko’s cut is also the only Certified Organic variation in the market and is grown in Beauce, Quebec, by organic grow facility, Wio.

This strain comes in at about 27.4% THC and is a high terp % at 4.7%. This Mmmosa Evo comes in a stunning glass jar; you can expect 2-3 large buds in most jars.

Pecko is an emerging brand from Quebec that has seen huge success in that province, so we had to bring it in.

In terms of smoke, expect a smooth, light, gassy smoke with white compounded ash. The ash is interesting in this burn as it breaks off in large, compounded layers. The team at Quebec Craft Cannabis advised us that they don’t flush their plants, instead opting to maintain as much of its natural characteristics and cannabinoids. They can do this by maintaining a strong standard for all processes.

What’s super interesting about this product is how similar genetics can provide a completely different effect and experience with small variations in phenotypes. There is so much more about cannabis that we are always learning, and this cut of MMMosa does it justice for all of us indica lovers. 

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