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Shivaapedia | Sherbinski Pink Sherbs Disposable Vape Pen

Shivaapedia | Sherbinski Pink Sherbs Disposable Vape Pen

Brand: Sherbinski

Product: Pink Sherbs Disposable Vape Pen (Shop Now)

Sherbinski has been a market leader for premium products in the United States. We were skeptical when they first launched in Canada, but they have been amazing.

Their latest drop has been a testament to the consistency and power of the Sherbinski brand.

If you haven’t tried their new PINK SHERBS Disposable Pen, you are in for a treat.

The Pink Sherbs Disposable Pen is a live resin all-in-one device (you won’t need a separate battery, it's good to use upon purchase!)

The Pink Sherbs Disposable pen has a strawberry and gelato taste profile you will love. It's overall light and pleasant taste is perfect for vaping sessions throughout the day. 

This disposable vape pen comes in between 75-81% THC; thus, we recommend keeping an eye on your intake as the smooth, strawberry profile can mask much of the THC taste.

The Sherbinski disposable pens are also rechargeable and have a white mouth vape head to avoid any clogging issues! 
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