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Shivaapedia | Sherbinski’s Acai Berry Cart 

Shivaapedia | Sherbinski’s Acai Berry Cart 

In the Cannabis game, Sherbinski’s brand name carries a lot of weight! Sherbinski’s is known in the United States for its super-popular cannabis brand and iconic Bacio Gelato strain.

Sherbinskis Acai Berry 510 Cart keeps up the brand satisfaction that Sherbinskis fans are accustomed to.

The cartridge is super sleek, in its iconic orange, with a wide mouthpiece that is certain to leave minimal clogging.

The vape is made with a blend of Acai berry Gelato, a descendant of Sunset Sherbet. This vape is made with distillate and botanical terpenes introduced to mimic the Acaiberry Gelato flavour.

The first couple of draws is light bursts of flavour, with strong berry notes.

As the liquid warms up, you get more flavorful hits that satisfy you. It would be no surprise that Sherbinski’s Acai Cartridges are becoming a favourite for our customers.

This strain and cartridge are ideal for afternoon/evening sessions. Don’t be fooled by the super sweet flavour profile because this cartridge comes in at 82% THC. Watch your intake, as with most delicious vapes, as the high will sneak up on you.

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