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Classification: Indica Dominant Hybrid ( 70% Indica, 30% Sativa)

Common Terpenes: Myrcene, Alpha Pinene, Beta-Caryophyllene

Have you heard the term Government Weed before? The original G13 strain is accompanied with a clandestine past that we still haven’t been able to fully nail.

As the story goes, G13 is code for “Government Indica Strain #13” and its past includes a HIGHLY classified joint plan between the alphabet agencies ( FBI, CIA, DEA) to cross and produce a super strain of weed in the 70’s and 80’s.

The strain itself has an unknown lineage, with a claim to it being 70% indica and 30$ Sativa.

According to legend, G13 was smuggled out of a US medical research lab and a single cutting was liberated and that's how the world became aware of such a fabled and supreme strain.

Apparently there are G13 (or more common G13 Haze) seeds out there and available, but with the lack of uniformity and verification systems in the cannabis lineage space, we cannot confirm the true origin or identity of G13.

Could G13 be tied to the MK Ultra Brainwashing programs? Is it possible that the government was able to create a super strain of weed that no one has any information on? It is possible the origin story is a crafted story and all hype, but only time will tell if the true story is revealed.

The following products are currently in market:

Caviar Gelato x G13 Live Resin by Dymond Concentrates

G13 Triangle Kush by Sitka Micro Collection

Liberty Haze by Costa Canna (G13 x Chemdawg)

Go Steady Sunshine Bubble Kush by FIGR ( Triangle Kush x G13 Hashplant)

Island Gold Kawehno:ke Kahwistano:ron by Se7en / Sovereign 

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