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STRAINBOOK | Garlic Breath

STRAINBOOK | Garlic Breath

Classification: Indica Dominant Hybrid

Common: Limonene, Ocimene, Myrcene

Cross: GMO x Mendo Breath

Garlic Breath is one of the newer strain crosses that has gained substantial popularity over the past 5 years. Initially bred by ThugPug genetics. Stemming from the GMO family of weeds, this strain is a refreshing take on a famous lineage.

Garlic Breath has garlic (surprise, surprise!) and a piney taste profile that is a memorable and dank experience for all. The effects are similar to more classic indicas such as Northern Lights.

What’s interesting about Garlic Breath is the prevalence of the rare terpene Ocimene, which is commonly found in Gushers or Jack frost. With hints of Limonene and Myrcene, this attractive trio of dominant terps combine for an exciting roller coaster of a high.

Garlic Breath can be one of the pricier and more premium strains to find in the legacy market and is not easy to master. Growers that can take their time with the curing process on this flower are in for a treat that many will enjoy.

If you haven’t tried Garlic Breath yet, we highly recommend you do.

Garlic Breath is one of the finer variations of GMO and is highly sought after around the world.

In Ontario, you can find Garlic Breath variations currently available by:

The Leviathan (Kraken x Garlic Breath) by Highland Grow

Gas Station JMO (Jellybreath x GMO) by Gas Station

Other current GMO strains currently available at Shivaa’s Rose are:

Slap n Tickle ( GMO x Grape Pie) by Ontario Micro Growers

GMO Pure Live Rosin Cartridge by Greybeard


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