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STRAINBOOK | Green Crack

STRAINBOOK | Green Crack


Green Crack

Classification: Hybrid
Common terpenes: Myrcene, Alpha-Pinene, Beta- Caryophellene

Cush, is a popular indica cross of Skunk #1 and an Afghani Landrace.

The strain came to light in the early nineties and was popularized by the Doggfather himself when he began referencing it as "Green Crack". Snoop Dogg's popularity in the Cannabis community made the nickname more popular than its original strain name.

Snoop referred to this indica cross as "Green Crack" because many users' reported energizing and strong effects. The reported sharp mental focus and energizing properties are not typical of traditional Indicas, and many users are in for a surprise at first. Strains like Green Crack show the need for more research into how the properties and characteristics of each strain can affect an individual's endocannabinoid system. Strains like Green Crack prove that the traditional Indica/Sativa classification is flawed even though it is an industry-standard.

When we look at the common terpenes, we can see why this stain may have uplifting and mental strengthening reported effects. The strong hints of alpha-pinene may affect the energy and mood of consumers, but the myrcene and beta-caryophyllene effects tend to come towards the end of the high, making way for a perfect nap to recharge!

As more research comes to light, it will be interesting to see why hybrid strains like green crack, even with their potent indica cross, have the effects and experience.

Due to its name and reference to "Crack" and "Crack Cocaine", we don't expect to see a "Green Crack" product in the legal market as per Health Canada guidelines. Some companies are marketing it by its original names of "Green Cush" or simply "Cush" (not to be confused with "Kush")

You can find plenty of similar strains on the market from brands like:

48 North - Green Cush
Tweed - Green Cush

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