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Hindu Kush

Classification: Pure Indica

Common Terpenes: Caryophyllene, Limonene, Humulene, Myrcene

Hindu Kush is known as one of the original landraces of the natural cannabis world. Found originally in the Hindu Kush mountainous region of central Asia between Pakistan and Afghanistan. The Hindu Kush is a strain that locals have used for millennials until it made its way over to the modern western cannabis world.

Hindu Kush has been used in the region to produce many products over the millennia. It has been used as far as 1000 BC in India to prepare a cannabis-based beverage known as Bhang. Locals have rubbed and kneaded the sticky trichomes of the plant repeatedly to create some of the most natural resins and hashish is known to man.

Hindu Kush is a heavily-favoured landrace within the serious stoner community and is one of the few pure 100% Indica flowers to grace stoners, everyone.

Once word had spread about this strain's sedating, solid, and pain-relieving reported qualities, it quickly dominated as the archetype of what weed is. 

Hindu Kush is the exact strain used to give your mind a break from the day's worries, preparing you for a nice and relaxing evening and a night of sleep like no other.

This specific landrace ranges between 13-20% in THC. It is commonly crossed with stronger yielding THC strains for hybrid cultivars, giving users that upper THC high coupled with the strong Hindu sedating effects.

Hindu Kush is one of the most special landraces sought after by connoisseurs, and we hope to see more phenotypes as the market develops. Some may even call it the holy grail of cannabis landraces.

The only Hindu Kush in the Ontario market at this time is by Tweed grown in Smith Falls, Ontario.



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