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Jack Herer
Classification - Sativa Dominant Hybrid
Common Terpenes - Terpinolene, Caryophyllene, Ocimene, Myrcene

To many, Jack Herer is referred to as the perfect Sativa strain. A popular daytime strain that has been smoked for decades. Jack Herer was developed and popularized by Sensi Seeds.

Jack Herer himself was a real person known for his activism around cannabis and human rights. He dedicated his life to bringing awareness to the industrial uses of hemp. Sensi Seeds decided to name their strain after Jack Herer for his lifelong dedication and activism in the industry.

Jack Herer, the strain has reported effects of an uplifting and creative high. At the same time, many refer to it as “Working Weed” because of its base of customers that enjoy working on projects and using cannabis to complement their existing lives.

In Canada, we used to have the famous Bedrocan brand that medical patients heavily favoured under the ACMPR and MMPR. However, after a falling out with licensed producer Canopy Growth Corporation, the brand has left a large hole in the market for years. Bedrocan had a reputation for consistency and a unique growing method that they “perfected.”

We hope to see some new Jack Herer strains in Ontario as it is a strain with an intensely loyal customer base and no current quality supply.

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