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Classification: Indica Dominant Hybrid ( 90/10)

Common Terpenes: Myrcene, Limonene, Caryophyllene

Sensi Star is another great Canadian favourite. A potent and dominant indica hybrid, Sensi Star is a great strain for relaxing and calming qualities.

Sensi Star’s lineage is tracked to original Afghan Kush landraces. 

Predominantly smoked in the evening or at night, Sensi Star is the strain for customers looking for more of a relaxed experience.

Sensi Star typically comes in yields of 17-22% THC and is a fairly easy strain for growers. Thanks to its dominant terpenes profile, this strain is optimal for high tolerance users.

Sensi Star has historically been a superb choice for pain management and relief for many users. 

Sensi Star is currently available in Ontario through the 7ACRES and Spinach brands

Sensi Star is also available from Haven St under the name N0. 417 Indigo Daze.

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