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Why Shivaa's Rose is Canada's best Weed Shop!

Our Story

Looking for the best online dispensaries Canada has to offer? You have clicked on the right page! Shivaa's Rose is Bloordale, Toronto's premier cannabis retailer, carrying a finely curated selection of flowers, extracts, accessories and more!

We know that it can be difficult when you're searching for a 'dispensary open near me' on google, when it's later in the evening, and we provided a solution by offering extended hours! We are open until 11 PM daily to ensure that you can get the product you need at any time!

Learn more about our amazing offerings and what makes the Shivaa's Rose experience so special!

Who we are

Amazingly Fast Delivery!


Shivaa's Rose is the most reliable cannabis retailer offering 1 hour delivery throughout Toronto (7 KM radius from our store)! Ordering from our online store is super easy since we carry only the best products available in the cannabis market! Once you place an order, we collect the items and get it to your door within 1 hour!


Curated Selection of Flowers and Extracts!


Cannabis Flower is collected and dried to be consumed with a variety of accessories. This would be your typical form of cannabis, whether it is a bud, pre-roll or pre-milled!


Cannabis extracts, on the other hand, are highly potent solid or liquified forms of cannabis created by separating the flower's terpenes and active ingredients.​ This comes in many forms, such as rosins, vaporizers, hash, shatter, topicals and tinctures.


At Shivaa's Rose, our team of experts has selected tried and true products that we know you will love!


Our Loyalty Rewards Program!


The loyalty program that is changing the game! We believe that all of our customers should be rewarded for their support! With our The Neighbourhood Club program, we provide set discounts, flash sales and special events for our members! It's completely free to join, so be sure to sign up on our Loyalty Program page!


We appreciate all of our customer's support, and to reciprocate the love we receive, we offer The Neighbourhood Club! TNC is a loyalty program that provides set discounts on your purchases for members, exclusive access to deals and special events! It's completely free to become a member, so be sure to sign up today by clicking on our Loyalty Program page!


Discover our Cannabis Sensory Garden in Bloordale Village!


Our store opened its doors to Toronto residents on February 14th, 2021! Our 457 St. Clarens Avenue location design was inspired by the beautiful history and diversity within the neighbourhood! Our vibrant yellow brand colour is featured throughout the store, and we feature stunning murals from local Toronto Artists!


Tried and True Brands


When we carry a product or range in our store, we are cosigning the brand's quality! Our team has tested and experienced all of the products we carry in our store to ensure top-notch quality, regardless of whether it is a low, mid or premium-priced product! Some of the brands we carry and love include Solei, RIFF, Flowr, Spinach Farms, Wana, Bhang, Ace Valley, King Palm and Cheech and Chong!


We are happy to answer your questions!


Our team of experts and budtenders is always happy to provide answers to any of your cannabis and product-related inquiries. Whether you are a newbie to Cannabis products, or an expert looking to expand your horizons, we are here for you via email, social media channels, live chat or over-the-phone!

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