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King Palm - 5 Pack King Size Blunts

King Palm - 5 Pack King Size Blunts

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King Palm separates themselves from many blunt wraps and rolling paper companies that use glue, tobacco additives, or nicotine. Instead, they offer a leaf grown in chemical-free soil and combine this with a natural corn husk filter tip. This combination has resulted in a new type of pre-rolled cone that has become popular globally. King Palm rolls feel like a blunt cone and do not have any nicotine or tobacco additives.

Resealable Pack Contents:
5 pack of King size Pre Rolled Cones (Each holds 2 grams of herbs)
Humidity Pack included, it will prevent staleness for up to a year after opening.
Packing stick
Naturally sourced Corn husk filter tips come installed with every King Palm leaf rolled.

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