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Checking In on Legal Weed - How 2023 is going!

Checking In on Legal Weed - How 2023 is going!

The weed game continues to change, with more innovation and product improvements dropping monthly. We have come a long way from the bone-dry limited selection of products dominated by massive public licensed producers.

The market has now shifted to more unique items from smaller players, focusing on higher percentages, quality improvement, and, last but not least, flavours!

We have highlighted these changing trends, so scroll down to learn more!

Higher Percentages 

The Canadian cannabis market opened with various options, heavily skewed towards medium to low THC levels. Brands are getting more innovative in bringing products to market by focusing more on customers who want higher percentages. The dream of legalization was widespread acceptance and sales, but the market is doubling on higher THC. Purchasers are estimated to represent 80% of the spend at the retail level!

This has brought into question the topic of real THC percentages, the lack of standardization in testing, and a change in focus on who these products are made and marketed to. 

Budtenders are the backbone of the Cannabis Industry and are found to be the most vocal marketing engine the brand is focused on. Most budtenders are heavy user consumers, so budtender feedback is important to brands looking to succeed.

Quality Improvement

The declining market share of large players has led to more and more new companies coming in with less overhead, focusing on quality first! More micro-focused companies have jumped in to bring small batches of patiently cured and manicured flowers to stores across Ontario, 

Ontario has the largest concentration of Cannabis consumers and retail stores, and the market is beginning to react positively to the new products introduced. We are seeing a preference for Cannabis brands and products as customer brand loyalty begins to show its face.


Flavours have jumped to the forefront of the minds of new to intermediate customers. We first saw the success of flavoured vapes in converting new users to the world of cannabis through products like Back Forty’s Kush Mints.

Thanks to brands like General Admission, we saw a much larger changeover of consumers from prerolls/flower to infused pre-rolls that catapulted into the market with their flavoured solid distillate-infused prerolls. This consumer shift is echoing as more brands try to steal market share away from them by releasing unique, tropical flavours. We expect this to continue for quite some time as more and more customers look for a strong and tasty cannabis experience. 

It's safe to say 2023 is going well for Cannabis Consumers. While the business side is seeing dramatic shifts, customers benefit from more robust products, better flavours, better quality, and a more extensive selection to hone in on desired outcomes.

2023 is the Redemption year for Cannabis in Ontario.

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