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Strong Edibles May Be Coming Back! Find out What Changed!

Strong Edibles May Be Coming Back! Find out What Changed!

Remember those Aurora Drift and Edison Jolts potent 100MG edibles everyone loved but then was AXED from the market by Health Canada?

Well, there is some positive news finally.

There is a chance that everyone’s favourite potent edibles may be making a comeback! The edibles labelled as “extracts” to circumvent THC packaging limits of 10mg per pack are fighting to come back into the Canadian market.

The parent company of Edison, Organigram, is currently challenging Health Canada in court. 

Organigram challenged Health Canada for a judicial review on their decision to strike the consumer edible from the market. This is the first instance where the industry is pushing back on Health Canada in court.

Until this point, Companies have remained weary from formally challenging government bodies such as Health Canada. This is an instance where companies and industry experts point to a measure of “unreasonableness” in HC’s conduct.

The market has shown great interest in bringing potent edibles to the legal side, as they are one of the primary motivators and drivers of sales in the legacy market.

This case is being returned to Health Canada to review its decision formally before returning to court. Agencies like Health Canada aren’t used to such powerful intervention from Judiciaries and have been seen as the leading direction giver on what goes and doesn’t in the Canadian cannabis landscape.

Who uses potent edibles?

Potent Edibles are used by various users, from heavy to low consumption. THC metabolizes differently when ingested, and depending on factors like genetics, digestion, and diet, it can have varied intensities for all users.

For many users, 5mg of THC in an edible is enough; others may need 75 MG or more to feel anything at all.

Many users of potent edibles use them consistently as an alternative to pain medication and traditional pharmaceuticals. Many of this user subsegment are not smokers or standard cannabis users, and under the current legal landscape and unreasonableness of Health Canada, they are entirely left out of the market.

To learn more about the judicial case and current legal landscape, we recommend reading this article by the team over at MJ Biz Daily for more information here

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