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TIFF 2023 Cannabis Guide - The Best Products Paired with the Most Anticipated Films

TIFF 2023 Cannabis Guide - The Best Products Paired with the Most Anticipated Films

The Boy and the Heron (dir. Hayao Miyazaki)

This Studio Ghibli Japanese animated fantasy film has been making the waves with the younger audience. Based on the 1937 novel, this film is set in a mid-to-end World War 2 and is anticipated to fill viewers with emotion and perspective on the main character's difficult upbringing after losing his mother. 

This is one of those films you can watch through and through, and you want to remain uplifted by the story and emotion. Studio Ghibli, the massively successful Japanese studio, is renowned for its vivid artwork and transition sequences.

Capitalise on the mix of emotion and vivid imagery with a solid but not sedative hybrid. For this reason, we recommend pairing this with BLK MKT’s Bacio Gelato. Bacio Gelato is available in dried flower and prerolls at Shivaa’s Rose (Order Now)

Punjab '95 (dir. Honey Trehan)

Based on the challenging life of Jaswant Singh Khalra, a tenacious and brave Sikh rights activist who gained international recognition for his ground-breaking research, including 25,000 unlawful killings, countless disappearances, and secretive cremations carried out by the Punjab Police. This narrative highlights his determination to bring about change before his kidnapping by the Punjab Police, torture, and brutal murder.

This right here is an eye-opening, emotionally stirring film set to spark the enormous fire in the hearts of humanitarians.

We recommend you stay wide awake for this one with a pure sativa, and for this, we recommend Sage n Sour by MTL Cannabis (Order Now)

Sly (dir. Thom Zimny) — Closing night film

For nearly 50 years, Sylvester Stallone has entertained millions with iconic characters and blockbuster franchises, from Rocky to Rambo to The Expendables. This retrospective documentary offers an intimate look at the Oscar-nominated actor-writer-director-producer, paralleling his inspirational underdog story with the unforgettable characters he has brought to life.

After the recent success of Stallone's Tulsa King, the reemergence of the Expendables, and the rising fame of the Stallone family, we expect a massive wave of support and attention on this film. It is spent to be the closing night film of TIFF 2023.


We recommend pairing this with a sativa-dominant hybrid such as Broken Coasts Amnesia Haze (Order Now)

Hate to Love: Nickelback (dir. Leigh Brooks)

This film tells the real story of Nickelback, from their humble beginnings in Alberta to the explosive global success of 'How You Remind Me' in 2001 and the record-breaking hits that followed and continue to this day. But with that 'Rockstar' fame came an early wave of the online negativity that many other artists have faced since. In a refreshingly open, honest, and revealing account, the band discusses the conception of Nickelback and their incredible rise to the top in the 2000s. They show the personal impact of the online abuse, the loyalty of their fans and their decision to return after a 5-year break with a new record and a hugely successful new tour, finding themselves riding a sudden wave of online love that has introduced their music to an army of new fans.

Nickleback is a very polarizing topic in the music industry. This one can go either way, depending on if you’re a fan or a hater of the Canadian rock band.

If you are a fan, we recommend a solid sativa such as Electric Grapefruit by Soar (Order Now)

If you are a hater, we recommend a strong and soothing indica like Ontario Micro Growers White Unicorn (Order Now)

Four Daughters (dir. Kaouther Ben Hania)

Between light and darkness stands Olfa, a Tunisian woman and the mother of four daughters. One day, her two older daughters disappear. To fill in their absence, the filmmaker Kaouther Ben Hania invites professional actresses and invents a unique cinema experience that will lift the veil on Olfa and her daughters' life stories. An intimate journey of hope, rebellion, violence, transmission and sisterhood that will question the very foundations of our societies.


This award-winning film has been catapulted into the international scene and is set to be one of the most favoured films to pop up at TIFF 2023. 


Get a big bag of edibles and enjoy this throughout the show. This is perfect to pair with the new Pearls 25-pack of Marionberry Lemonade CBG gummies (Order Now)

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