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What CBD Products Can I Use Without Getting High?

What CBD Products Can I Use Without Getting High?


We get a lot of customers looking specifically for CBD products, and not looking to get high.

Cannabidiol, more commonly known as CBD, is a compound found in Cannabis that has reported therapeutic benefits. CBD has been reported to affect things like muscle tension and soreness, seizures, nausea, cataracts and more. For medical information regarding CBD, we urge you to do your research and to reach out to your doctor or Health Canada.

In the world of CBD products, there are options to help with specific situations. Products that contain very little to no THC will NOT get you high, as THC is the compound most commonly associated with the “High” feeling from Cannabis. 

Look for products that contain little to no THC and only CBD if you are trying to get the therapeutic benefits of CBD without the high feeling.

We recommend trying a low-dose product first and easing into other products and formats to suit your needs.

For more information on CBD, please check the Health Canada website for more details!



Jonny Chronic 


High CBD

THC: 0.48%  |  CBD: 11.4%


Pure Sunfarms

Pure Sun CBD Pre-Roll 10-pack | 3g

High CBD

THC: 0.7%  |  CBD: 16.3%



Arnica CBD Cream

High CBD

THC: 20 mg  |  CBD: 500 mg

Aiki Skin

CBD BugX Relief


THC: 7.5 mg  |  CBD: 150 mg


Aiki Skin

CBD Tattoo Aftercare Balm

High CBD

THC: 25 mg  |  CBD: 500 mg


Aiki Skin

Natural Muscle & Joint Balm Kit with Gua Sha Massage Tool

High CBD

CBD: 1000 mg





CBD 50 Capsule | 30-pack

High CBD

CBD: 50 mg

C Minor

Fast Acting CBD 50 Max Softgels 30 caps Capsules

High CBD

THC: 2.63 mg  |  CBD: 52.5 mg



Frankinsence Dead Sea Pink Himalayan Bath Salt

High CBD

CBD: 250 mg

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