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How to Tackle Dry January with Cannabis

How to Tackle Dry January with Cannabis

Every year, January brings a refreshing selection of personal goals for people worldwide. As part of a cleanse from the holiday season, many choose to abstain from Alcohol consumption in January to give their livers a break from the merry good times the holidays bring.

Regular alcohol consumption can be detrimental to health. Many recent studies have pointed to cannabis as a potential aid in getting off regular alcohol use and helping with withdrawal symptoms.

This study from the UK’s National Institute of Health aimed to evaluate 

Substituting cannabis for alcohol may reduce drinking and related problems among alcohol-dependent individuals. Some even recommend prescribing medical cannabis to individuals attempting to reduce drinking.” 

And the results showed:

“of All criteria appear either satisfied or partially satisfied, though studies relying on medical cannabis patients may be limited by selection bias and/or retrospective designs. “

If smoking Cannabis is not your preferred method of consumption, there are several alternatives to smoking weed, such as beverages, capsules, oils, edibles, and more.

At Shivaa’s Rose, we currently have dozens of beverages, from juices, sodas, spritzers, beer alternatives, and more, that have a refined taste, with many having zero to no cannabis taste.

With tons of CBD and THC options and choices at Shivaa’s, you can try some great beverages.

Our team is currently favouring the Kaleida, Versus, Collective Project, and Bedfellows beverages. New options are constantly being released every month, so keep your eyes peeled for some tasty new developments.

Some users also use THC, CBD, or CBN oils or capsules to help with Dry January. Products such as Goodnight Dream Caps and Medipharms CBN Oil are a great nighttime solution.

Feather also has oil in a spray format to help you add your favourite cannabinoid to your favourite foods like pasta, salads, steaks, and more!

To help you combat Dry January, stop by Shivaa’s Rose and chat with any team member to help you find the right product.

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