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Why exotic Hybrids are trending right now!

Why exotic Hybrids are trending right now!

Have you noticed the rise in exotic hybrids lately?

Micro-cultivars' rise in the cannabis market has paved the way for more unique products and strain innovations.

The consumer market has been chasing high THC strains for a while now, and many legacy strains that dominated the market are falling behind exotics.

Many legacy strains cap at 20% THC, and to address the market demand for more potent strains, growers have opted to cross more unique strains to push the capabilities of flowers and stand out in the market with unique products.

This is where Micro-Cultivators come in. Working with exotic strain crosses means the grower must pay more attention and dynamically change growing conditions to optimize flower yields. This has been difficult to do at scale for large licensed producers. Micro-cultivators are limited with their canopy space and typically put more time and attention into their growing practices.

Think of micro cultivators as the equivalent of quality, craft micro-breweries and large licensed produces as the BudLight and Coors Lights of the world for reference.

Cannabis has always been a product of personal preference, and new products always spark interest. Exotics provide the opportunity to try hybrid combinations of strains that can keep your cannabis experience new and refreshing.

There are a few fantastic options for exotic hybrids from micro-cultivators in the Ontario Cannabis Store market. 

At Shivaa's we are proud to stock micro-craft products as our customers demand quality and unique products for their anticipated effects to pair them with their experiences. 

Exotic Strains in the Market Right Now:

1. Legacy Exotics by BC Black

2. Midnight + by Ontario Micro Growers

3. Glade Runner by Woody Nelson

4. Mac-7 by Only Micro Growers

5. White Unicorn by Ontario Micro Growers

6. Axess by Organnicraft

7. Purple Rain by BLK MKT

8. Jealousy by BLK MKT


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