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How Sherbinski's has become one of the leading US brands in Canada

How Sherbinski's has become one of the leading US brands in Canada

Sherbinski’s is one of the biggest brands in the United States, gaining an infamous reputation for their original Gelato cut by owner Mario Guzman.

When Sherbinski’s was launching in Canada, there was a lot of doubt over this brand's success. We have seen many American brands launch here unsuccessfully, struggling to gain an appeal in the market while maintaining consistency in their ability to bring good products to market.

Sherbinski’s has been an outlier to this.

The bright orange premium brand has consistently delivered. Every product they have put out has been fire, and their newest release, The NEW Nitro Flower, is right up to par with the lineup of Sherbinski’s Products.

What did they do differently?

Sherbinski’s took the time to release one product at a time, study the market and reception, and invest in R&D to perfect each release. They started with their Orange Sherb Live Resin Disposables and vape carts before eventually releasing new flavours such as Mochi, Acai, and Pink Sherbs, staying true to the brand's tropical and exotic flavours.

Once each product launch was successful and refined, they began to release other products. While most brands started with flower as their market entry point, Sherbinski’s started with Vapes and has now released their New Nitro Flower.

Pricing Strategy

Sherbinski’s has taken a different approach than most premium US brands. Their products carry a slightly above-average price point but are well away from the $50+ price point of brands like Cookies, Ghost Drops, and Whistler. It seems Sherbinski’s realizes the gap in awareness between US and Canadian markets and utilized the lower entry price point to build awareness within the Canadian Cannabis landscape. We eventually expect Sherbinski’s to go up in price once market saturation kills off dying brands as it rightfully earns its share of the Canadian cannabis market.

Available Products

We currently have the following SHERBINSKIS products at Shivaa’s Rose

Nitro Dried Flower

Acai AIO Disposable Vape

Pink Sherbs Live Resin Disposable

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