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Brand: Tenzo

Product: Ice Cream Sandwiches 

Category: Flower

THC Range: 24-30%

Tenzo has been dropping some pure fire lately. Their IC Sandwiches strain has been a super consistent and potent budget product that has had nothing but positive reviews at Shivaa’s Rose.

Tenzo’s IC Sandwiches is an indica dominant hybrid of Ice Cream Cake and Fleetwood Mac.

Tenzo is the budget brand for the company behind the revered BLK MKT brand, Avant Brands.

This strain has a breathtakingly beautiful bag appeal, with dense, trichome covered dark green and purple buds. The bud has hints of orange, and may be a little on the dryer side but busts open to fluffy cannabis that is perfect for rolling!

One of the great things about this strain is that it hits hard with sedative qualities without breaking the bank.

IF you are looking for a cannabis strain that is heavy with couch lock effects and tastes pleasant, then this is the strain for you .

Tenzo’s IC Sandwiches always sells out, so be sure to grab it while you can!

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